Radio still offers a window to the world.


2022/06/29(水)13:43 ~ 2037/07/24(金) 13:43


Traditional mediums such as radio and print and television have a long history, but new media such as radio have proven to be fertile ground for advertisers.

Even with its advantages of convenience and compactness, radio remains attached to the public's attention. By simply installing a radio or using a mobile phone, you can listen to radio waves anywhere. For example, you can listen to news, economic information, culture, entertainment, etc.…

How many people listen to the radio? According to a survey by the Voice of Ho Chi Minh City (VOH), over 4,000 people from Ho Chi Minh City's South Central Coast, the Southeast and the Mekong Delta listened to the radio, accounting for up to 56.6% of the total audience, with programs that young people love such as breaking news, commercial information, entertainment...

Programs with life skills education, employment assistance, etc. are also chosen to be heard a lot. Young people, working classes, middle-aged people, pensioners, civil servants… also listen to radio. In addition, 72.3% of them have an income of less than $7,000 monthly.

It is possible for a low- or middle-income business to reach its target audience without reaching the target audience with high or very high income. However, the rich also listen to the radio while exercising or driving in their family vehicle. That is why big FMCG, finance, banking, and technology corporations such as Unilever, ANZ, IBM, and others still use radio as a strategic communication medium.

Public transport and four-wheel vehicles are the most important contributors to radio support. Radio is commonly supported on buses and four-wheelers, as well as in most four-wheelers and buses. These vehicles frequently broadcast radio to catch traffic jams on the roads. In addition, it is also an effective way of relaxing oneself while travelling. According to VOH's survey, up to 31.3% of listeners prefer radio to be played on their vehicles. Mobile phones, cassettes, portable radios, and umbrellas are used for radio reception. Radio is consumed on car, umbrella, and computer. It is modern technological means that have contributed to radio development, and thus, radio advertising has also increased.

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