How to Write a Research Paper: 10 Steps + Resources


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Most people consider that academic writings are all the same but this is not true because academic writing changes with the change in the level of academia. For instance, in schools, students are taught something entirely different from the writing taught at the university level ie, if you're planning to pursue your doctoral degree or you've already enrolled yourself for it and you're worried thinking, “how am I going to  write my essay  at doctoral level?” You don't need to be worried about your essay, you've got this blog. If the student knows how to write an essay because he is a college undergraduate, you cannot expect him to write a flawless doctoral level essay.

As soon as you get promoted to another level of education, your professors expect from you more mature and formal writing. The requirements differ according to the different levels. This is the reason why you learn so much and improve your writing skills with every passing level Compare your writing from school with your writing in college and also with university writings. You'll see a clear difference between your approach towards writing on the same topic but at different levels. Therefore, it is a fact that the requirement for writing essays. or papers vary according to the education level.

This blog will talk about some important factors which you need to know for writing a doctoral essay. Every  essay writer  can not be a good doctoral essay writer because again, it depends on his level of education. To write something extremely good you need to know some of the basic requirements of the essays at doctoral level.


  •         Avoid using first-person narration:

One thing which everyone must keep in mind while writing an advanced-level essay is that you're not supposed to use the first person. Even if you want to give your opinion regarding something, you need to paraphrase it and make it look more professional for the readers. Using “I”, “Me” or “myself” appears informal and unprofessional in the doctoral level essay. Readers often feel distracted due to the use of the first person. Therefore, you must avoid the first-person narration in the essay.


  •         Compose an Introduction:

You must have heard that an introduction is supposed to be one of the essential parts of the essay. It is important to compose an attention-grabbing, interesting, and appealing introduction. Your introduction is the part that defines approach towards the topic and whether you've got a grip over your topic or not. Additionally, a short synopsis of the paper must be included in the introduction, which compels the readers to keep on reading the paper. A thesis statement must be stated at the end of the introduction and should be well-composed while properly explaining the gist of the paper.


Avoid using vague statements:

The level of education, i.e. doctoral, must not require vague and sweeping statements in the essay. Any professor does not tolerate these mistakes in the essay. Try not to fill your paper with vague and sweepy statements. These things are considered as the basic elements of writing at the doctoral level. Most students, to reach the word count, start using vague statements or start repeating the same ideas, which ultimately distract the readers. Avoiding such statements is important, at least at the doctoral level.


Logic and Consistency:

Logic and consistency are the two most significant things which will help you in making your text flow smoothly throughout. For every level, essays need to be very engaging and must follow a smooth pattern to make them understandable for the readers.For doctoral essays, paper writing service need to make them more smooth through consistency and logic. Use consistency and logic to keep the attention of the readers intact.


The credibility of sources:

Checking the credibility of the sources is very important because it enhances the validity of your paper. If you use a source that is not authentic, your paper will lose its credibility. This impacts your grades to a great extent because the sources you're using for supporting your arguments must be credible and authentic.

After knowing all the required information, you’re all set to integrate the source in the paper. After the integration of the source, you must make sure that you’ve cited the source properly, otherwise your inappropriate referencing and in-text citations may cause you to be accused of plagiarism.


Write the conclusion and proofread:

Compose a very comprehensive and understandable conclusion, incorporating the gist of the paper. The conclusion must be very concise and to the point. Students must not add something new in the conclusion which they have not discussed in the paper. Introducing something new at the end of the essay isn't a good idea because the conclusion is supposed to be a summary of the entire paper.

Make sure you proofread the essay for grammatical errors or any other diction errors. Otherwise, these errors can have a very negative impact on  the evaluation you get from the professor. Proofreading also helps you to exclude unnecessary information from the essay which might affect the overall appeal of the essay. You need to write professionally because the common grammatical errors are the most triggering factors which need to be tackled professionally to prevent any drop in performance.

All these steps must be considered by the writer because either way, these are going to help you one way or the other. So, make sure you consider all these steps while writing a doctoral essay, and you'll for sure compose an effective doctoral essay. Still, if you have any further queries you can contact an  essay writing service . They'll help you in providing the best guidance. =


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