Common Types Of High School Essays (With Examples)


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As we progress through school life, it is important to understand how to write an essay. Being a high school student, it will be expected of you to write so many essays. A high school writer from  paper writing service  knows the composition of an essay. It is expected of him / her to express their ideas and support them with statements or facts.

Moreover, at the beginning of your high school life, you will be assigned topics for the essays but that's not going to happen every time. As you progress through your school life, you will have to write an essay without being assigned a topic. This The basic rule for selecting a topic is simply just choosing something of your interest and then starting to write on it.

I will explain to you all the sections of a standard essay, may it be an Expository, Argumentative, Descriptive, or Narrative essay which you can easily follow. Let's get started! The basic format of an essay consists of five paragraphs. are divided into three sections. 


First Section: Intro / Thesis

The first section of all essays is the introduction. In this section, you are simply required to introduce your topic. Being a high school student, it is expected of you that you write a professional essay. Therefore, your introduction should not discuss any vague The main aim of your introduction should be to provide an overview, an idea, to your reader about what you are going to discuss. Always remember, you are at high school level now, your essay should not contain any mystery or suspense, you are writing an essay, not a novel.

Afterward, introduce your stance, your standing, and let the readers know how you are planning to achieve or defend your stance. Moreover, a typical approach in the introduction that you should apply. is general to a specific approach. Do not just get on to your point, first discuss some general perspective and then narrow down the content to your particular stance.

It is recommended that you place the thesis statement of your essay at the end of your introduction paragraph.



2nd Section: Body Paragraphs

After the introduction comes the body paragraph. When it comes to writing essays, the typical structure consists of 3 body paragraphs. Well, there may be some situations in which you can exceed this number when you  write my paper .

For Expository Essay: Your body paragraph should discuss only one point at a time. Eg, you have made three claims in your introduction and now you will explain them one by one in a separate paragraph.

For Argumentative Essay: The body paragraphs are similar to expository essays, the only difference is the research work should be extensive. You need to incorporate quantitative or qualitative evidence to support your claims.

For Descriptive Essay: Descriptive essays are almost similar to expository essays but the difference is that you will get into more detail about your claim or stance. There are no arguments in the descriptive essays, all you need to do is just explain the qualities or characteristics of your topic.

For Narrative Essay: Anarrative essay is like personal writing. You write about yourself, your city or any other thing. It is a narration of any incident you might have experienced. The use of first-person pronouns is also accepted in these types of essays. But the structure of your essay should still be the same. You are required to write an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion

Well, we are done with 2 sections before getting on to the third section. I want to highlight one more important thing. As a high school student, you are in a learning phase, so it is okay to get help from a professional or a  A little help to give you a push is important. It will speed up your learning process and you will feel confident in your writing . 

Let's get on to the final section.


Final Section: Conclusion

The final section is pretty easy. All you have to do is summarize everything you have said and write that in one paragraph. No matter what kind of essay you are writing, the conclusion part is the same for all types.


When I was in high school, I struggled a lot in writing. I would  write my essay  and take it to my siblings for proofreading. This helped me a lot in learning from my mistakes. So the final advice for you is: always proofread your writing. Ask people around you to proofread it for you and mark the content they think is wrong.

You gave an overview of the points you were going to discuss in the body paragraphs in your introduction. Then, you explained your points one by one depending on the nature of your essay. Now, you simply summarize your points; if there are findings then summarize them as well. If you feel that there should be some recommendations then you can put them in your conclusion as well. That's all.



That's all from . Thank you for reading.


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