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50 Interesting Topic Ideas for Expository Essays

Expository essays are one of the most frequent essays that you are required to write as a student. They test your ability to analyze and explore a topic in detail. It allows you to compare and analyze a topic while classifying and defining it. The essay includes various examples and details about the subject or idea to work through forming analyzes same as an Essay Writing Service 

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The expository essay, unlike the persuasive and other essay types, has many types. Each type is different and asks the writer to tackle the subject differently. 

Expository Essay types

  1. Compare and Contrast

The compare and contrast essay takes on any two subjects, ideas, or things and compares their various characteristics and parts. It shows the relationship between the subjects--its similarities and differences--helping delineate the subjects better.

  1. Process Essay

The process essay defines and explains how a thing, idea, or subject is formed or created. It's a'How-To' essay that explains in detail each step that goes into the production or formation of the subject.

  1. Classification Essay

Classification is something that is used in almost all essay types. It can be an essay on its own where you divide the topic or the subject matter into various categories using criteria. It gives you good practice to divide the subject into its components. 

  1. Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect is an essay that talks about the effects that branch out of an event or a subject or talks about the causes that combined to form an event or a happening such as an  Write My Essay

  1. Definition Essay

As its name suggests, it defines the subject. However, the definition takes many forms such as enumeration, connotation, negation, analogy, etc.

 Essay Topics

Choosing the right topic for you to write on is very important. A topic that interests you will help you put in the extra effort.  

Compare and Contrast

  • Analysis of Western Philosophy and the Eastern Philosophy
  • The writing style that goes into writing fiction and writing non-fiction
  • HydroElectric power generation Vs Nuclear power generation
  • Neandtherals and Human Beings
  • Capitalism Vs Communism in theory
  • Homeschooling and conventional education
  • Physical books and E-readers 
  • Marijuana as a drug vs Marijana as a medicine
  • Scientific learning vs Metaphysics
  • The existence of god and its proofs

Process Essays

  • How to fake an illness?
  • How to improve your internet speed?
  • How to improve your PC's processing speed?
  • How to make a poached egg?
  • How to score a freekick goal in soccer?
  • How to jump-start your car?
  • How to study smart and get high grades?
  • How to ace your GRE and SATs?
  • How to start your own writing company?
  • How to listen to and understand classical music?

Definition Essays

  • What is family love?
  • What is Melancholy? 
  • Define Nostalgia?
  • What is Sin?
  • A guilty conscience
  • Define Euphoria
  • Define the meditative state
  • What is Envy?
  • Define Guilt?
  • What is Lust?

Cause and Effect

  • What caused The Big Bang?
  • Effects of Solar Flares on Earth's communication system.
  • The effects of passive smoking
  • What were the causes of the Gulf war of 1991?
  • The causes of the Great Depression
  • The effects of Global Warming on polar wildlife
  • The negative effects of the increasing Earth-orbiting satellites
  • The cause and effects of the French Revolution
  • The causes of overpopulation
  • Overpopulation and its impact on the environment 

Classification Essay

  • The prevalent philosophies of the modern world
  • The different ways to govern a nation
  • The various fictional genres
  • The rising film industries
  • The human generational classification over the last century
  • The change in modes of transport throughout history
  • The water bodies around the world
  • Different minerals and materials used for fuel throughout history same as an  Essay Writer .
  • The various forms of democracy
  • The parts of Grand Unification Theory