An essay can be written about anything and anything, but not about anything.


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Many, many years ago, I started an entire essay column to find out what an essay is. Of course, I didn’t make my first robots myself, but used the services of an essay, for example (cheapest essay writing service) Because an essay, like ours, seems to be changing. Then, after writing some good essays and volumes of essays, I started teaching essay writing, essay writing and maybe I can say essay reading as well. I can't tell you what an essay is, but maybe that's why. Today I see that

an essay is a more authentic form of speech when telling complex stories, questions, situations, thoughts than anything else.

But in order to immediately go beyond this definition, it is enough for me to think about the calligraphy of Lajos Szabo, otherwise I don’t bother so much that I don’t know what an essay is and how write my essay is, and what the essay itself is for. Because I think of Lajos Szabo's pages, which seem to be written only with a felt-tip pen, and the set of comments attached to them, as completed and completed essays, where the distance between sign and text is so great that the highest degree of intellectual intuition can soar.

The world is coming. This is a real essay.
It creates a problem, makes you think, maybe even collapses. It's on the edge of the imaginary.
It stands on the border, but does not delimit, does not close, but opens. The boundaries are different, from to the type of my essay, they block it.Open to something or someone. Who is not me. Who is not only mine.
The essay is an experiment of this openness, this spiritual freedom. It is the privilege of people to write and read essays in spirit.

(This essay is a summary of the experience of the essay course conducted at the Rijks Vocational College in the spring 2020 semester and was finally written by the Matthias Corvinus Collegium in the summer of 2020 as a guide to the Modern Literature course.)

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