3 Best Online Jobs for College Students

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Most of the time it’s not easy starting a business or manage self employment as a college student. Moreover it’s time to gather knowledge rather than making money. In this situation online job is best option for you not a job in beautiful remote island. Now the question is what are some best online jobs for college students? It’s important to consider about job structure and flexibility itself because most of the college students don’t have any proper skill like programming or web development.

In this article I will show you some of the job options that you can easily do with a basic level of computer proficiency and common sense; without any previous experience

3 best online jobs for college students without any experience
1. Freelancing writing

According to bureau of US labor average number of writers will increase about 10% by the end of 2016 with a big community of around 50000 writers. One article on Forbes described freelancing writing as best part time jobs for college student rather than a summer job. Most positive side, is you already have the skill to write something. Now move it to further improvement so that you can provide some value and make it serviceable.

Freelancing writing or helping students to get homework help considered as one of the best online jobs for college students based on the payment option and job availability. One of the major advantage is you don’t have to show your degree to anyone; all you need to do write well and get paid. Freelance writer receives $3- $100 per hour based on their skill and experience. Various marketplaces offers thousand of freelancing writing job every day. 

2. Personal assistance

Thousand of business is operating their about 50% of work virtually. The main duty of a personal assistant is helping a business person or professional to get his task organized and other necessary task as person’s requirement . According to homework cheats website most of the time you will have fun and your employer will become one of your friends. Some personal assistance duty is to make call on Skype to wake his or her boos, isn’t that interesting. You will enjoy it. 

Find personal assistant jobs in any marketplace. Payment varies on experience and other related skill like – language fluency, computer proficiency and other specific skill.

3. Online survey

Online survey is one of the best online jobs for college students because you are making money by providing information. Online survey means you are responding some questionnaires and helping them by providing valuable information about their business or service.

For most of the survey you will be paid $3- $5 that will cost you 30-40 minutes. In some special occasion, you will have a phone survey that will pay $5-$50 for per segment. Besides, according to studydaddy.com you will receive gift, coupon or stuff like this. 

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