Pixel Art of the Shield of Burgos CF

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2022/01/13(木)09:52 ~ 2029/06/05(火) 09:52


Very good Minecrafters. It has given us to make Pixel Art of shields, and in this case it is Burgos CF, a soccer team with a lot of history. We take advantage of this entry so that you know a little more about this shield and the great team it represents.

The shield that currently represents Burgos CF has undergone several modifications, based on the original shield designed by Manuel Martinez, over the years.

This shield was commissioned by Burgos CF (previously known as Gimnástica Burgalesa) from Manuel Martinez in 1947. The only modification it underwent by the designer was to replace the name Gimnástica Burgalesa with Burgos Club de Fútbol. This first version of the shield was shown to the public for the first time during the 1947/1948 season.

It is a circular shield, crowned and with the black and white banner as the central element. The crown imitates the one worn by the coat of arms of Castile. The rest of the elements mean: the players of this team wearing the black and white (banner) playing soccer (ball) on the soccer field (inner green circle) all surrounded by the white circle with black borders and on the writing the name of the team.