5 Softwares to make Pixel art

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1. IDraw Chara Maker 3

IDraw3 is a simple program for creating sprites for RPG Maker, a famous RPG game editor. Although the program has been around for some time, it is perfectly compatible with current systems and works perfectly for those looking for something simple and comfortable.

However, the installation of the program can give some problems in current Windows. If so, simply select the properties of the installation file (right button / Properties) and mark in Compatibility the Windows XP SP3 system. Thus we will not have any problem in its installation.

2. Microsoft Paint (Classic)

If we miss the time when we designed in the classic Microsoft Paint in Windows XP, before becoming the horrible and current Paint, we can download it from MSPaint XP, using its simple (but effective) interface again. It also includes the Windows 98 version of Paint.

Be very careful when installing MSPaintXP, since the installation has several advertising programs. Decline and reject all, except the program itself.

Obviously, this software would only work on Windows platforms. If you are looking for something similar for Linux, you have KolourPaint at your disposal. If, on the other hand, you have a Mac system, you can try Paintbrush for Mac.

3. Pickle

Pickle is a software originally thought to design "tiles", repeated mosaics to form scenarios or backgrounds in RPG-style games or similar. However, it also gives the possibility of creating images or animation sprites.

It works through Adobe AIR, so it is compatible with Windows, Mac or Linux.

If you are interested in something more professional for editing maps or tiles, you can try Tile Map Editor or TileStudio, although they are far from the profile of graphic editors for dessins pixel art.

4. Piq (Advanced)

If we are interested in a tool with which to edit images online, your option should be, without a doubt, Piq. This software provides two modes: simple, where we only have what is strictly necessary to draw and advanced (in the image) , where we have more tools and options to make designs from the Internet.

Other simple editors of the same style could be PixOthello (Windows) or Pixel Art (Adobe AIR), of course, without the feature of using it online.

5. PyxelEdit

PyxelEdit is another simple (but complete) pixel art editing software, which incorporates tools such as layering, mosaic reuse, or basic design tools.

Although it is an application that works under Adobe AIR (and therefore multiplatform), it also incorporates a portable version for Windows, in which it is not necessary to have Adobe AIR installed.