Thanks to SoundCloud, DJs should soon be able to hang up with streamed music


2021/09/15(水)16:14 ~ 2029/09/15(土) 16:17

The world's largest music library, SoundCloud, recently announced big news. From 2019, more than 190 million songs should be streamed on DJ software such as Serato DJ and Traktor and used for live mixing. How this should work and whether SC could celebrate successes with it, you can find out here.
Is streaming the future of DJing?

Streaming services such as Spotify , Apple Music , Google Music and YouTube Music benefit from their daily new customers. SoundCloud has also been offering  its listener subscription in Germany since December 2016  Now the German start-up would like to go one better. 

The company is now focusing on the world of DJs and the software they need to DJ. A huge music library is to be streamed directly to the DJ software so that it can be played live at events.

On this subject, Kerry Trainor,  the company's chief executive officer, says it is important for an artist's workflow to have a large library of songs on hand. With the new offer, DJs no longer have to limit themselves to physical media and can be inspired extensively by the freedom to use a large number of songs. Some people use Soundcloud to mp3 converter to download those songs.

Collaborations with giants

To make this project possible, the music platform joined forces with a number of software giants. One of these is the company Native Instruments , founded in 1996, which has been the market leader to date with its innovative products. Your DJ software Traktor is used by more than 500,000 artists worldwide. They only recently released the third version of their successful software. 

Serato DJ is the second giant that also has a lot to say on the market. With software programs such as Pitch 'n Time , Serato Scratch Live and Serato DJ Pro , the company offers premium products to artists and producers around the world. The hardware manufacturer Pioneer has been working with the company for a long time and also equips its controllers with licenses from Serato DJ .

In addition, DJ software programs such as Virtual DJ , DEX3 , Mixvibes and DJuced from Hercules should also be able to offer the SoundCloud streaming method. This gives a large number of DJs the opportunity to bring streaming into their future projects.

The quality has to be right!

How can SoundCloud ensure high quality? After all, experienced artists know that there has to be a certain quality of sound. Poor quality naturally has a particularly negative effect on larger systems at events or in clubs. This could be one of the reasons why streaming has not yet caught on in DJ software.   

SoundCloud Go + is the keyword here: Over 190 million songs can be streamed offline, without advertising and with a quality of 256 kbps. The company promises all of this for a mere € 9.99 a month. Attached it can be mentioned that the exact technical implementation is unfortunately not known to us, as SoundCloud has planned the release of this achievement for the coming year. 

Why should SoundCloud celebrate success with it?

Pulselocker was already a company that tried the idea of ​​streaming in DJ software programs. However, according to its letter of November 10, 2017, the company failed to successfully implement its revolutionary concept due to a “combination of market conditions and financial constraints”.

So why should SoundCloud be able to make a profit from this business if Pulselocker couldn't? Quite honestly: We can't tell you (yet).