How to make managing a video production company more efficient with CRM


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We have selected 3 important tips to improve the management of your production company with CRM

Some segments cannot see themselves without a CRM tool to manage sales, business contacts,  prospects , referrals, commercial agenda and the sales team routine.

On the other hand, some companies believe that a  CRM system  cannot help their company to sell more and that they were not made for it, which is totally untrue.

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Agenda is a CRM and business management platform that works as a control panel and personal assistant for B2B sales teams. 

CRM was not made just for a type of companies, but developed for sales teams , whether you are a  commercial automation company , a  distributor , travel  agency  and thousands of  other segments  that you can't even imagine.

As a general rule, any company that has a sales force, salespeople, sales targets, product or services to be sold are potential companies for CRM.

This shows that CRM can have very important functions for the growth and improvement of the day-to-day activities of these companies.

Another myth is that CRM was notdesigned for B2B or B2C companies. The tool is useful for both markets,because in all of them the company faces competition, price research, undecidedcustomers, customer decision time, and business process and so on.

In the same way that a company buyercan take 6 months to decide to sign a service contract or buy equipment, acustomer can take 6 months or more to buy a washing machine, a dream shoe andso on.

What does that mean? Regardlessof whether B2B or B2C, we are susceptible to customer behavior, we needa tool to help us manage the commercial process, from prospecting to closing,helping us to remember all the proposals we have on the street, all theinformation we need from customers, all deadlines, all promises and prices.

And unfortunately, our brain can'ttake it all in without forgetting. That's exactly why we need reminders,notes and goals.

Because it's impossible to take careof all the details without getting lost. That's why we talk aboutproductivity and time management, because we often don't know where to focus,which is a problem.

Yes, our brain is a great machineand, as yet, no technology can match its complexity and computing power.

But, unfortunately, we're not ableto schedule alerts and put the calendar on it like we do with our productivityand customer relationship systems.

We often need support. And thatgoes for a video production company, which has thousands of production andsales deadlines, which often end up in the background.

A video production company has tightdeadlines, but also sales targets. Seeour tips to reconcile deadlines and mere sales for your producer.

Can a CRM help in managing aproduction company?

#1. Stay on top of customerpreferences with your history

When you go to your family doctor,who accompanied your grandparents, parents and takes care of you, or at theclinic that has served you since you were a child, the doctors have a completehistory of information about your health, family history, and the main problemsthat you and your family have already passed.

This is very useful not only whendiagnosing your problem, knowing what you already had and how it can influenceyour health in the future, as well as preventing new problems from happening.

CRM can help in the same way. Byknowing what the customer has purchased, the sales team can offer the productmore often, in addition to offering products similar to what thecustomer purchased.

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In addition to the seller knowingwhat the customer buys, or bought and offering products and services that meetthese needs, they can learn a little more about buying habits and adapt thecommercial process to these habits.

#two. Offer your services againat the same hiring times

There are customers who only buy ata certain time of year. In the same way that we buy more wine, tenders,turkey and Pantone around Christmas (and outside these times the offer is muchsmaller), some customers only buy services at a certain time of year.

So make a diagnosis of when yourcustomer buys your product and why he buys so you can know the best time tooffer it.

It's good for you to know whichtimes your customers buy from you the most, because they buy at these times sothat you can intensify your sales efforts during this period and increase yourcompany's productivity.

And there's no better place for thatthan your customer's product and service history. There you can find out who bought what and when, and you candevise strategies to increase sales of each product, exploring the best time tosell each one of them.

Know when most people buy yourproduct and why they buy it.

#3. Segment your customers bysegment or category

Producers provide services to many customer segments: moving from other larger producers, professionals, small to medium and large companies.

Each of these segments has a peculiar buying habit and a way to buy, with a unique and personalized process.

This means that there is no point in wanting to create a standard process for all customers in all segments, because it simply won't have the desired effect.

Divide your customers into segments and create useful business processes to help them buy your product in the best way possible.

Know what is important to each customer and this will facilitate not only the best commercial approach, but also the relationship with each segment served by your company.

Use CRM to Segment Customers by Industry

Get to know your products and customers better

CRM is not just an opportunity to learn more about your customers' purchasing habits.

With CRM you can also relate better with your customers because you know what matters to them and how to take advantage of it without wasting their time.

By using CRM to improve your customer relationships, you'll improve your knowledge of what's important to them and the kind of approach that works for them.

The more information and relationships with customers, the easier it becomes for a salesperson to make the sale.  Therefore, regardless of the type of customer your production company serves, knowing your customers and knowing what is important to them is an excellent way to increase your company's productivity and sales.