GB WhatsApp APK review


2021/04/20(火)16:09 ~ 2024/04/20(土) 16:10


Here we will also explain how to run and explain the function functions of the Whatsapp GB APK application.

1. View the status that has been deleted

For this feature you don't need to set up your Gb WA Mod first , this feature has become a default feature of the GB WhatsApp Mod application.

To distinguish between applications that have been deleted from those that are not very easy, to distinguish them when they have been deleted, a sign like this will appear.

Now that's a sign if your friend's status has been deleted, the sign is at the top of your friend's status, if it's unclear we have given you an example.

This is an innate feature of GBWhatsApp, you don't need to set it up again to get this feature.

2. Read messages that have been deleted

Unlike the features (seeing the status that has been deleted), you must activate this feature first in your GB WA settings, the method is quite easy,

First you have to click the three point in the upper right corner of your GB WhatsApp application.

After you click the three point button at the top right, you just click the top option, namely GBMod or GB settings, if it is different, you just click the first option after clicking the dot button in the upper right corner.

Because you want to still be able to see messages that have been deleted you need to first activate (Anti-Deletion Status) which is in privacy and security.

To activate it, you click the right button, until it shifts to the right to become green, now that's the way to keep messages that your friends deleted can still be read by your GB WhatsApp.

3. Hide tick two

Furthermore, there is a feature of hiding check two, for those of you who want to pretend you are offline you can activate this on your GBWhatsApp easily.

How to activate it is quite easy if you have activated (anti-delete message) of course you know how to activate it.

For those of you who don't know, take it easy, we will tell you about this feature too.

Still the same as (anti-delete message), the double-check hiding feature is also in (privacy and security).

To activate this feature (hide the double check) you must first click on privacy and security.

If you have clicked contacts, you will be given several options for you to check the example, namely.

  • Hide blue tick
  • Hide two ticks
  • Hide the blue microphone
  • Hide typing
  • Hide recording

If you want to hide check two of course you have to choose (hide two ticks) then if you have activated you select okay.

4. Hide the last seen

What is meant by hiding last seen is hiding if you are online or currently opening the GB WhatsApp application.

But the drawback of this feature is that you also can't find out the contacts of your friends who are online.

To activate this feature is very easy, this feature is still in the section (privacy and security), which if you click the location at the very first

You can turn this feature on / off according to your wishes

5. Send messages without first saving to GB WhatsApp contacts.

If on WhatsApp Original you are required to save first the cellphone number you want to contact.

Unlike GB WA, you don't need to first save the cellphone number you want to call.

To activate this feature is quite easy, first you open your GB WA application, after that you click the three point in the upper right corner, then you select (send message to number).