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今回は、フランスでインキュベート事業を行っているOlivier PERSONNICさんに

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CV – education and main professional experience

Olivier PERSONNIC is Director of inno TSD, in charge with the development of the incubator policy. He is himself Incubator Manager responsible of the Innovative Projects' Incubator of the Aix-en-Provence city. He studied in Marseille and then at the University of Technology of Compiègne where he obtained a MS in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design in 1988. He began his career as research assistant at the Chemical School of Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia where he studied innovative ceramics and superconductivity materials for the French company Rhône Poulenc.

He moved to France to join a consulting company in Paris in 1990 where he created new methods and training programs regarding innovation management and economic intelligence. He assisted more than 1500 managers in their development, in France and in Europe, as permanent consultant for some of the most well-known technopoles, clusters and start-up. Five years later, he decided to create his own consulting company in Aix-en-Provence. The company was specialized in European project management and innovation development. During 7 years, he managed a team of 8 professionals working with more than 20 partners. He developed specific tools to optimize industry organization to face up the 35 hours law in France.

Then he decided to joined inno TSD where he developed innovation management tools dedicated to SMEs and start-up. He is in charge with the new Aix-en-Provence innovative projects’ incubator since 2006, and his innovative way of thinking start-up coaching obtained high level results: in 5 years, the 1600 m² incubator accepted 40 projects, which represent today more than 250 employees and about than 25 M€ of investment.

He developed specific training program and networking tools to support and accelerate the development of start-up companies. The site has been recognized as one of the best in France in this field, with the visit in 2006 of Renaud Dutreil, French Minister of SMEs, the visit in 2008 of Christine Lagarde, French Minister of Economy and Finances, the visit in 2009 of Valérie Pécresse, French Minister of Universities and Research, and the visit in 2010 of Michel Mercier, French Minister for Rural Areas and Spatial Planning.