5 Great Tips On How To Get Girls

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There are a lot of emotions that a man is meant to feel and experience. However, among all these created emotions, love seems to be the best.

It does not come as a surprise that there are a lot of people nowadays who are in the quest of finding a soulmate for them to finally live a happy contented life, satisfied despite the various trials that come along with it. Nowadays, more and more people ask themselves the questions “how do I find true love”.

Numerous surveys conducted concluded that many people today want to get married sometime in the future, reason why they are more than willing to try their luck in finding a soulmate through dates. Some have even tried expat dating. For instance, about 53% of the people from the United States admitted to have gone out to dates with different people at one time.

However, even when doing dates such as expat dating seems like the most ideal way to have a wonderful relationship with real love as foundation, it does not mean that doing it is easy. For instance, in getting the right girl, a lot of boys experience difficulty in looking for the best ways to do it. This is because their fear of getting rejected.

So, if you’re one of the many guys who keep bugging other people with the phrases “find me a girlfriend” or “find me a wife”, these are five simple ways from Loveawake dating experts by which you can ask and get a girl to agree on a date with you.

  1. Have an amazing personality

Several surveys conducted have shown that about 30% of grown-up population in the United States engaging in dating said that a guy’s personality is the most significant characteristic that they look for. This is the reason why many girls would insist about looks being not much important.

So the first key to finding a soulmate, needless to say actually getting her is through creating the impression that yours is one of the best personalities in the whole world. You can do this by adding a sense of humor and confidence to the way you handle a conversation.

  1. Be particularly cool

The phrase “find me a girlfriend” sound desperate but you should not let a girl see that you are actually desperate. Even before dating a girl, try acting cool. Make it a point to create the impression that you really like the girl rather than showing her that you’re in dire need of finding a soulmate.

  1. Be prepared for negative response

Most people have a really high set of expectations regarding dating as well as relationships. As a matter of fact, about 62% of people engaged in expat dating and other forms of dating said that people’s expectations and probabilities are extremely high nowadays. Thus, it is pretty essential that people, most importantly men, know how to deal with rejections. Never forget that despite the nice car, amazing personality and handsome looks, you can still get a “no” from girls.

If you happen to get rejected, reflect on what might have caused the rejection. Moreover, you must not lose hope as there are still plenty of girls around simply waiting for you to come.

  1. Pay attention when the girl says “NO”

There can be a lot of case where the girls might give you a “no”. It could either be because you’re not her type or she just does not want to go on a date at the time you specified. It is important that you clearly understand these two dissimilar situations.

How can I find love? Well certainly you will not be able to if you’re afraid or rejections. The fault of some men is their tendency to take rejections too personally. This is the reason why it is much better to thoroughly analyze the girl’s intention in telling you “NO” and the situation itself.

  1. Act  casual

The best method you can actually get the girl you wanted is to make the date seem casual unlike the conventional ones that usually imply a romantic-type of involvement.

It is important that you let her enjoy the time both of you spent together. This will prove to be helpful if ever there’s a chance that both you will have a relationship someday.

All in all, for you to successfully answer the question How can I find love”, the key is that you must not make the girl you wanted feel obligated to say “yes” whenever you ask her to date. You must always remember that in getting the girl you wanted, it is essential that she feels comfortable and in good hands.