”mia powered by netpeople" Launch Party - iNAGO Inc. - mia(ミア)Launch Partyのご案内 (イナゴ株式会社)

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2012/07/12(木)19:00 ~ 21:00



Invitation to “mia powered by netpeople” Launch Party

-- 「mia(ミア) powered by netpeople」 ローンチ・パーティのご案内 --


After many years creating the next generation of human-computer interaction using netpeople “Context Aware” Intelligent Agents, I am happy to say that the next generation has started! I am even happier to announce that, even during this extremely busy time for iNAGO, we have been able to release “mia powered by netpeople,” direct and open to everyone. mia is a smart device digital assistant which incorporates iNAGO’s experience, technology and vision for how people will use technology today and in the future. mia is still a baby, but we hope that working with our friends and colleagues it will be the seed for future computers and services.
For this reason, I would like to personally invite you to join us in celebrating mia’s launch.  We will introduce mia and how we can work together to make the next generation come true…all while enjoying drink, food and a little entertainment together!
If all goes well, we will also be showing you something new. I hope to see you there!
(And, our team is working hard to allow me to present something new. I hope to see you there!)
この度、この「mia」のオープンを記念して、Launch Partyを開催することにしました。
Founder and CEO
Ron DiCarlantonio

--- Notice ---

*Please RSVP by Tuesday, July 10


■Date■ Thursday, July 12
■Time■ 7:00pm - 9:00pm(reception :6:30pm)
■Place■ Feria TOKYO 2F(Roppongi)
FERIA Bldg. 7-13-7 Roppongi Minato-ku, 106-0032 Tokyo
From Nogizaka station, Chiyoda-line  5-minute walk from Exit 3
From Roppongi station,  Hibiya-line/ Oedo-line : 5-minute walk from Exit 7, Exit 4A, Exit 4B
■日 時■ 7月12日(木)19:00~21:00(18:30受付)
■会 場■ Feria TOKYO 2F(六本木)
 東京都港区六本木7-13-7 FERIA Bldg.
We look forward to seeing you at the party!


“mia powered by netpeople”
Voice-based Personal Assistant Application, “mia powered by netpeople”, is available on Google Play from June 8th. “mia” understands and helps you get what you want through conversation.
The introduction of Apple’s Siri has accelerated the spread of voice-based search and “Digital Assistant” applications globally. iNAGO is a technology pioneer in this market with more than 10-years of experience delivering digital assistant solutions for major Japanese corporations. iNAGO has now released a digital assistant service for consumers called “mia” powered by it’s unique “Context Aware Interactive Search” technology “netpeople”. Different from simple voice-based applications providing a one-time search, “mia” provides you a real personal assistant. Through conversation, “mia” interactively guides you to narrow down your search results to determine and find you what you want when you want it.
”音声検索だけじゃなく提案する”パーソナルアシスタントアプリ「mia powered by netpeople」を、6月8日よりGoogle Playにて無料配布を開始いたしました。
Siriの登場により、世界で急速に普及し始めた音声検索型アプリケーションサービスにおいて、弊社は10年以上にわたる経験とノウハウを持ち、独自に開発した「Context Aware Interactive Search」技術(対話型文脈認識機能)は、単なる音声検索型のコンシェルジュサービスや、検索サービスにはない、ユーザーオリエンテッドなアシスタントサービスを可能にしました。 「mia」は、この機能を採用した、ユーザーと音声で会話をしながら最適な検索結果を絞り込むことができるパーソナルアシスタントアプリケーションです。
iNAGO Incorporated イナゴ株式会社
Fukao Building 5F, Azabujuban 1-4-5 Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0045 Japan
東京都港区麻布十番1-4-5 深尾ビル5F