What's up in the air?

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The air purifier consists of a filter from air purifiers review, a motor / fan and a chamber. An air purifier circulates air in the room and absorbs particles and gas in the filter. For an air purifier to work well, it needs sufficient air circulation and a high-efficiency filter.

What's up in the air?
Before talking about filters, we need to know what is in the air. The filter is composed of gas and particles. Gas is minimal and very difficult to remove. It smells like gas.

Particles can be thought of as dust in the air. What you see are the largest particles and generally do not cause any problems. This is because the nasal passages filter them. This is our integrated filter system. Large particles will also fall to the ground and are less likely to be inhaled.

The particles that cause the most problems are the smallest. This is because they stay in the air longer and can be inhaled into our lungs. They are not filtered through our nasal passages.

What makes air purifiers so difficult to compare is that small gases and particles are so small that they cannot be seen. This is even more complicated because many products are sold based on appearance and price.

Does the air purifier help to remove smoke from fires?
Yes, a good air purifier helps to remove smoke and fumes from the air in your home. All doors and windows should be closed, at least in the room you want to clean, to prevent smoke from entering. HEPA filter purifier is the best option for filtering smoke.

Where is the best place to put an air purifier?
The air purifier should be installed in the room where he spends most of his time. For most homeowners, this is a bedroom. This is especially true for allergy sufferers who want to wake up but do not want to be too busy.

You can keep the air purifier on the wall as long as there is no air behind or outside the air purifier. Otherwise it should be one step away from the wall.

Filter life
The CADR test takes several hours. This is based on the updated performance of the air filter cleaner, so it is not clear how much the performance of the indoor air purifier will improve over time.

If the air purifier like Winix A231 Air Purifier has a very low HEPA filter environment, the performance will decrease relatively quickly. And it is expected to work well over time, not just on the first day.

A standard called CCM has recently been introduced in China. This indicates the duration of the filter. We send the filters to the testing lab and they test well. There are four performance levels, for example, the EJHEPA filter is more than 10 times the highest level.

Use more filter media and enlarge the filter

So, if you do not have CCM in the US, you can consider the amount of media filter as a way to determine the life of your filter. Many brands tell us about their useful life. As a general rule, the longer the filter life mentioned, the more effective it will be over time.